Are you looking for Inventory Manager? is the best tool to manage your store inventory and boost your store’s sales by helping you to manage the out-of-stock and back-in-stock inventory.

The app has awesome features for Out-Of-Stock and Back-In-Stock inventory management and more. will help your store’s visitors purchase out-of-stock products when the product inventory comes back. Manage Inventory
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Out-Of-Stock Reminders

When your store’s product inventory goes below the inventory warning level (out-of-stock), the app will notify you (the store owner) by sending an email reminder and Web-push notifications.

The Notify Me app’s Out-of-stock reminder will work in the background and it will automatically send the email reminder and web-push notifications.

The Out-of-stock email reminder includes the Product Image, Product Title, SKU [Optional], Tag [Optional], Vendor Name [Optional], Available quantity, and Update Inventory Button [Optional].

The app allows the merchant to add multiple recipient email addresses (based on the selected plan) and multiple inventory warning levels (based on the selected plan). Manage Inventory

Back-In-Stock Reminders - Form

The merchant can collect the customers' email addresses for the Out-of-stock product, so the merchant can send a reminder email when the product comes back in stock.

Here, the app will display a button on the Out-of-stock product page. Where the customer can submit their email address.

Here, the merchant can change the button Position, Text, and Colors. Manage Inventory Manage Inventory

Back-In-Stock Reminders - Email

The merchant can send a reminder email to the customers when the out-of-stock products come back in stock.

The Back-in-stock email reminder includes the Product Image, Product Title, and Variant Name [If available].

Here, the merchants can change the Email Subject, Email Header, Email Body, Email Footer, and Colors. Manage Inventory

Manage Inventory

The app will display the list of inventories that are below the inventory warning level. And also, the app allows the merchant to export the list as a CSV file.

Here, the app will display the Product Image, Product Title, SKU [If available], Variant Name [If available], Current Inventory, Place (box) to change inventory, and Change button.

When the merchant will update the inventory here in the Notify Me app, the effect can be seen in the Shopify Admin -> Product -> Quantity and vice versa also. Manage Inventory Manage Inventory

Auto Restock

The auto restock feature will help the merchant by automatically restocking the inventory when the inventory goes below the warning level.

Here, the merchant has to specify the restock quantity and the time after which the merchant wants to restock the inventory when the inventory goes below the warning level.

The app will automatically restock the inventory for all product tracking as well as specific product tracking. And the merchant can see the updated inventory from Shopify Admin -> Product -> Quantity.

It's my favorite app I've installed this year. It works every time, and it has saved me hours and hours of figuring out what products are low and which ones we need to do a count on, etc.
Plush in a Rush United States
Great app that does exactly what it advertises. Easy to install and use and the help desk is reactive. Luxembourg
Fine App, and so far all working out nicely... really helps to manage our stock overview and easy restocking.
Sanuka Germany
A very good app to keep track of the incoming out-of-stock, and also auto restock a product when reaching 0! I recommend it.
Pini Parma France
This saves me a LOT of spreadsheet time. It notifies me on a schedule I determine what products I'm out of.
Beautiful Freak Cosmetics United States
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Review Stars 130+ Reviews
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